• Permanent Markers
    item no. PM20 - CAAY
    。Quick drying。Recap after use。Irritant。Permanent on most surface。
  • White Board Markers
    item no. WB72 - 4CAAY
    。Erasable with dry cloth。Irritant。Stains on porous surfaces。
  • Highlighters
    item no. HI65 - 6TRTY
    。Available for thermo ( fax ) paper with special ink。Great for office / school use。
  • T-Shirt Markers
    item no. TS20 - 4CAAY
    。Pigment ink。Permanent on fabrics。Please iron after finishing drawing。
  • Color Changing Markers
    item no. MG61 - 6CBCTY
    。Colors change to the color of their caps。Color Super tip。Color changer stamper。
  • Erasable Markers
    Item no. HIER68 - 6TACRY
    。Erasable using the Color eraser。Recap after use。Water base。
  • Scented Markers
    item no. SCHI90 - RCAY
    。with fruit scented。Non Toxic。Water based。
  • CD Markers
    item no. CD51 - 4CBCY
    。Marking on CDR / DVD。Not suitable for children under age or 3。Permanent。
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